Powder Boost
Dry styling powder, creates instant volume and texture with an edgy matte finish. 

Texture Tousle
Creates a full and tousled look. Adds body and shine with a firm hold. 

Held Up
Provides a firm moldable texture, semi-matte finish with a medium hold. 

Creates texture, definition and separation with a medium hold. 

Whipped Wax
Separates and defines with a flexible hold, with a medium hold. 

Texture Cream
Adds strength, moisture and shine. Provides soft control with a light hold. 

Sculpting Mud 
Creates flexible texture, defines short curls or chunky hairstyles with a light hold. 

Ultimate Radiance Wave Catcher
Nourish and protect hair from the sun while providing shine, texture and long lasting style. 

Texture Balance Frizz Primer
Delivers intense frizz defying nutrition and liquid shine. Resists frizz and frizz-causing humidity. Offers weightless conditioning and smoothness.
DESIGNLINE styling & finishing texture
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